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Human Resource and Operations Management software for retail small and medium business.

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Give us 30 minutes of your time.
We'll change how you operate your business. Period.

That's a pretty bold statement, but we've got a pretty bold service.

Using Cisco WebEx, let us give you a guided tour of a live instance of HRMAX running in a real business.  All you need is an Internet connection and a scheduled meeting with one of our Product Specialists, and Cisco WebEx will take care of the rest - sending you the meeting invitation and logging you in to your private session in our demo lab, all from the convenience of your own office.


To have us contact you immediately and schedule an HRMAX demo at a time convenient for your yourself, please complete the following short form.  If you would rather not wait for a return email or call, contact us directly:


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If you have 2 additional minutes to spare during your demo, we'll add you as a guest employee and schedule you in your department for the next weeks. Yes, 2 minutes is all it takes using HRMAX Time & Attendance.


We'll even let you clock in for your first shift using our Time Dock™ - just don't be late or you're fired! Actually, an attendance exception alert will be fired off to your Deparment Manager for action and reconciliation prior to payroll running for the current period. But hey, we've got pull with the owner, just make sure it doesn't happen again!

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