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What is HRMAX™?

A. HRMAX is a revolutionary Human Resource and Operations Management SaaS service (browse features).  You access HRMAX via the Internet, which makes it portable, available from any location, at any time.  HRMAX is secured via the same processes used by the major banks, airlines and governmental bodies to secure their on-line data.

What is SaaS (Software as a Service)?

A. Software as a Service is a relatively new term for a not so relatively new service. Traditional computing models rely on a database server, an application server, and client machines licensed to access a 'product' living on the application and/or database server(s). SaaS is a giant leap forward in technology and cost savings, where the 'product' lives on the Internet (aka 'cloud') and can be accessed from any Internet-capable device, free of the restrictions of licensing, hardware and software requirements, and geographic limitations.

SaaS allows you to leverage powerful data centres and enterprise software without the initial and recurring cost-prohibitive licensing requirements. With HRMAX, you don't pay setup fees, you don't pay registration or software licensing fees, and you can use your existing hardware and software, as long as you have Internet access.

Is HRMAX 'cloud'-based?

A. Yes and No. We provide your service via the Internet from our own data centre in Canada. We are partners with Dell Canada for our servers and Microsoft for our application and database software.

Beware the new crop of service providors that bill themselves as 'cloud' services! They lease server time by the hour without having their own equipment or software, and resell that space to you. The trouble with these services is, you are sharing space with tens of thousands of other users, and some of those users use your equipment to perform highly publicized hacking of companies like Sony, which disabled the Playstation Network for almost a month!

These new 'cloud'-based services are also at the mercy of faceless international corporations and could be shut down at a moments notice, and are not protected by Canadian Privacy laws! Be an informed consumer, do the research , and discover why going with the experienced experts always pays off in the long run.

What sets biometrics apart from other authentication methods?

A. Only biometrics prevents buddy punching. Plain and simple. Anything else is just a gimic, and we've seen some pretty wild and out-dated ways to clock in and out! Punch cards, bar code ids, USB keys, swipe cards, all of these sound hi-tech but in reality do nothing to prevent sharing of physical credentials and buddy punching!

Why the *buzz* over Time & Attendance?

A. It's no secret: Retailers lose money to wage abuse - intentional or otherwise. Using a single tool to both schedule and reconcile attendance when generating payroll is an outstanding way to cut costs and save time. Add those tools to a powerful and proven HR platform like HRMAX, and you've got the secret rocket formula - a potent mix of HR Management and Operations Management that saves time and money by streamlining virtually every aspect of your operation.

How much does HRMAX cost?

A. It starts at $3/user/month and depends on many factors, including and not limited to the following:

   : Does your company have a Vendor Agreement with us for a fixed or floating price?
   : Has your company negotiated volume rebates or other incentives?
   : How many employees does your company have?
   : Are you a White-Label reseller?

Contact us and we can get you all the details on price, which starts at $49/month.   Alternatively, your representative Vendor Relations Department, Committee or Group may be able to provide detailed pricing breakdowns if they have negotiated a Vendor Agreement with us.

Do I have to buy anything?

A. No!  HRMAX is a month-to-month subscription service with no term commitment, no setup fees, no support fees, no fees of any kind other a monthly access fee.  Use your existing computers and mobile devices with no license fees required!

Do I have to sign a contract?

A. No. HRMAX is a month-to-month service, meaning you only pay for what you use, with no term commitment. Under Canadian and US Federal law, you are required to sign an 'Acceptable Use' EULA when using any ISP services, but you will never have to commit to HRMAX for any longer than you want to.

Who is behind HRMAX?

A. HRMAX is a 7-year-and-counting partership between Datametrix, a Canadian ISP with US/CDN Federal Consulting experience, IT Training services and a secure Class 1 Data Network Operations Centre, and a Canadian Tire Associate Dealer and former multiple Grand & Toy franchise owner (Mr. Alex Joannides).  Combine super-geeks and a super-retailer and you get a super-product.

Is there a custom HRMAX for resellers? (White Label)

A. Yes. Our booth at the 2010 HRPA show in Toronto was inundated with requests from HR Consultants that wanted to resell HRMAX under their own banner to add value to the services they already offered. We took this feedback to heart and recently launched our Reseller White-Label program.

How does HRMAX White Label work? You sell HRMAX to your clients, we slap your branding on it. You charge what you want, we support it. It's too easy!

Please contact us to join our White Label reseller program and gain access to the sales and support resources section of this Web site.

Is my privacy paramount?

A. Yes. HRMAX is a service offered by Datametrix, a division of Dreamportal Corporation. We are a Canadian Federal Corporation with registered Ontario offices and a registered Privacy Officer. As an ISP and holder of key government and training contracts, we take PIPEDA and our responsibilies to our clients very seriously.

How secure is my data?

A. HRMAX is 'hosted' within a secret, Class "A", mission-critical NOC (Network Operations Centre - aka Data Centre). Aggregate backbone bandwidth from no less than 6 Tier-1 BGP providers supplies 4000Mbps (that is not a typo!) traffic capabilities. Our servers are in locked cages within a biometrically controlled, video surveilled and fully redundant battery, UPS and diesel powered static-free chamber, complete with advanced climate controls and gas fire suppresion systems. We backup fully twice each and every day.

Did I see an HRMAX logo on television specials in-store?

A. Yes you did! HRMAX In-Store Specials gives you the reigns to a powerful and proprietary in-store advertising engine that is controlled at the store level. Simply wire your store, office, warehouse, staff room etc for video and feed HRMAX advertising to your customers at no extra cost! Edit the specials from any HRMAX session - the office, at home, on vacation, and in minutes your store, office etc is displaying the new rotation. This changes everything!

Can I use the Recruiting Portal?

A. Yes you can! All HRMAX subscriptions have access to post jobs to from within your private HRMAX. Create a custom posting footer for your store, designate authorized applicant reviewers, and never have to file (and lose) another paper resume again. Our pilot store, a brand new Canadian Tire build in Riverview, New Brunswick, quickly reviewed, ranked, filtered and sorted close to 750 applications in less than a month using

Can we negotiate pricing and customization?

A. Yes. We have already worked with Canada's largest retailer to provide a custom solution available to almost 500 locations and we would be happy to work with your franchise team, multiple location operation or private company to provide a custom solution that works just for you. Please contact us for custom licensing program information.

How do I sign up my business?

A. Please use the introduction form on the contact us section of our Web site.

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