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Human Resource and Operations Management software for retail small and medium business.

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All HRMAX™ subscriptions come standard with the following rich tool sets:
'Other Guys'
Web-based product suite with 256-bit SSL data encryption (24/7 Anywhere Access!)
Candian Tire Dealers Association Preferred Vendor Master Agreement
100% customizable look and feel
Have us build custom components for your data and your unique business logic
Employee Scheduling (Time & Attendance)
Schedule multiple paid breaks
Schedule unpaid (lunch) break windows    
Force punch in/out for breaks and for lunch - audit attendance with a live dashboard
Split Shifts - schedule staff for multiple shift time segments on the same day
Employee Preferred Shift Hints
Vacation and Time Off module linked Scheduler
Automated Exception Reporting and Auditing for Payroll Reconciliation
Comprehensive multi-tier push-reports with triggers
Payroll Reconciliation with XML/CSV output
One-button actual-vs-budget reporting
Manual/Automatic shift override and clock deviation approval/denial
Support for EasyPay™ payroll software
Employee Attendance Recording (Time & Attendance)
Web-Based Biometric Attendance option - no servers or software required!
Time Dock™ option - proprietary Adobe AIR web-based portal
Real-time Attendance Dashboard within HRMAX
Recruitment platform with access to
Easily create and post jobs without collecting messy resumes
Delegate applicant reviewing on a job-by-job basis
Sort, Filter, Review, Rank, and Hire.
In-Store Specials
Broadcast custom 'Specials' animations on store televisions!
Pre-defined animated sale templates
Custom screen wizards for shop specials, 3rd party vendors...
Communications (Advanced Memo) module
Accountable memos with automated compliance reporting
Share Security, Marketing and Fraud Examples with other HRMAX™ subscribers
Rich-text editor with images, tables and spellcheck
Attach documents from any source
Store Report / Floor Performance reviews
Create custom alert thresholds and reports
Track Store and Shop sales and average basket
Track Workorders
Track Holes, Missing Labels and Tag Integrity
Track Deal homes and signage
Human Resources module
Create custom HR alerts with repeat frequencies
Monitor Absenteeism via push reports
Manage your HR soft file with employee update alerts
Accept sick leave, time off and vacation requests
Comprehensive 'by employee' or 'by department' security access controls
On-line document filing cabinets
Print only what you need as you need it
Restricted access cabinets
Quote of the Day
Employee Recognition module (ABCD)
Archival access provides permanent employee recognition amongst peers
Digital Newsletter
Rich-text editor with images, tables and spellcheck
Live Weather Reports
Live Stock Report
Anonymous Suggestion Box
Meeting Minutes
New to HRMAX v.6    
Full support for feature    
Undocumented or inconsistent support from one vendor to the next    
No support for feature    
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