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Save over $10,000 each year in HR costs!

HRMAX™ is a web-based ('cloud') HR/Workforce Management software suite that requires no capital investment; simply subscribe via a low monthly fee typically smaller than your cell phone bill, and get everything HRMAX has to offer at your fingertips from any device connected to the Internet - desktop computers, tablets, even smart-phones (no 'special' version or gimmic app required!).HRMAX™ features remarkably easy to use tools such as employee scheduling and attendance auditing with biometric support (time & attendance), rich text memos, document storage and distribution, smart task management, in-store advertising with support for audio and video, vacation, time off and general availability management, communications audits, floor operations performance dashboards, productivity reports, wage benefit analysis... the list goes on!HRMAX™ was created by a national-level award-winning retailer and can easily be customized for any environment - real estate offices, cruise lines, police forces etc.If you need cutting edge Human Resource software and don't want to pay the usual suspects tens of thousands of dollars for traditional software that will be obselete tomorrow, give our free demos a try; we promise you'll be blown away!We support a white label distribution and support program for HR Consultants wishing to offer their clients a custom-branded, value added service to their HR portfolio - ask about HRMAX white label today!
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What are the benefits of using HRMAX™?

1. Save at least $10,000/yr on HR.
2. Access from any 'net connection.
3. Retail operations dashboard.
4. Reduce payroll costs exponentially.
5. Export to most payroll providers.
6. Dramatically increase productivity.
7. Increase staff accountability.
8. Customize most service modules.
9. Detect absenteeism & lost wages.
10. All this and more for pennies a day!

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What can HRMAX do for my store?

Time: Schedule your staff with ease
Attendance: Require clock in/out
Biometrics: Eliminate Buddy-Punching
Accountability: No more blame games
HR: It's about more than a timesheet

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Is my private data secure?

We use the same 256-bit SSL encryption technology that you already use when you bank online.

Reduce wage fraud with biometrics

HRMAX, in partnership with SIC Biometrics, has developed a unique and proprietary biometric attendance solution thatdoes NOT require data downloads or even computers for enrollment or management.

If it's not biometrics, it's not reducing buddy punching!

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Let's talk immediate ROI.

You will save, during the first month on average, the entire year's cost of HRMAX!

After which you are putting money in the bank each and every time you run payroll, audit absenteeism, review productivity, analyse wage benefits, check communication scores...

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Compare the network.Its your data!

We are Microsoft Service Providers and Dell Canada partners.We own and operate our own data centre.

How is this different from 'cloud' services?

1. Your data never leaves Canada.
2. Servers are not shared by 1000s+.
3. Guaranteed up-time matters!
4. Service reliability matters!
5. PIPEDA matters!

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Is HRMAX™ Reliable and Proven?

HRMAX was developed in partnership with Mr. Alex Joannides, Associate Dealer at Canadian Tire.Alex's expertise in retail ownership and our IT superpowers have combined for the ultimate HR solution.

White Label for HR Consultants!

We'll provide you with a transparent, branded version of HRMAX for your clients.We'll even support it for you.You bill your clients as you see fit.

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